AirFire Mobile

ground floor

The goal was to rally existing customers around AirFire’s new brand, while increasing new activations. BR identified two potential demos to stabilize the brand by driving new activations and slowing down churn for this pre-pay cellphone provider. In addition we launched AirFire Direct as a separate division to promote mobile offers and SMS text campaigns to¬†businesses.

brand elevation

During our brand immersion process we interviewed potential customers and discovered that the dislike of contracts outweighed the stigma of “pre-pay” as a barrier to purchase. In reality, the “freedom to leave” gave customers a “reason to stay.” They also loved the simple concept of AirFire’s one price plan. Therefore, we developed a brand promise that was just that. Simple. We launched AirFire through an integrated plan that included out-of-home, radio, web, sponsorships and social media.

After only 6 months of running the campaign, new activations are up 32% from last year and de-activations are down. Through social media we also raised customer impressions to 4,000 per week on¬†AirFire Mobile’s Facebook page.




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